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Hi everyone !

Today I’m really glad to announce the release of the Beta of Totalwar, the new gamemode on Battle-Conquest, inspired by the Wargaming’s Clan Wars.

You will find everything in the Totalwar tab, on the right of Battle FFA.

First, you will see a map of Europe. Each country represents a territory that you will be able to capture and each territory is worth a certain amount of coins.

Everyday, you will receive a Landing Token, that you can use to land on the territory you want.
To capture the territory, you will have to compete in a tournament and get the higher score among the other players who also want this territory. The tournament ends at midnight and the winner will get the territory and all the coins it’s worth.

Note :
  • Players with Prime can land on 3 territories in a row
  • You can stop an attack whenever you want but if you do so your score won’t be actualized anymore. You can’t relaunch an attack you already stopped. You can use this function if you’re satisfied of your score and you don’t want your next games to modify it
  • You can only attack one territory once at a time
  • Having a Prime account still allows you to earn 50% more coins
  • Each territory is part of a region, which define the statistics taken into account for the score calculation. A regions can focus on the XP earned, another on the damages dealt, etc
  • There are no negative values for the score calculation
Since this gamemode is still in a Beta stage, all the rewards are set at 50 coins even though it might change.

I’m looking forward for your feedback !
Happy tanking Commander !
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