Battle-Conquest is closing its doors!

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Battle-Conquest is closing its doors!

Post by okuni »

Hello to all.

Yes, you read the title correctly. Battle-Conques will close its doors.
Since 2018 B-C has been entertaining you with these tournaments and events.

The site's income is becoming too low and despite the announcements to get the news about the site, the number of participants has never reached my expectations. This is what is killing my motivation to continue working on the site.
Battle-Conquest has been running for 4 years. I was able to improve the site many times and I had the chance with some players who participated in the Beta to see the evolution from the beginning of Battle-Conquest until today. It is thus with a light spirit that I close Battle-Conquest in spite of a small point of disappointment.

Please note that only the part dedicated to the clan wars will remain active. I will continue to keep this part up to date and I will probably develop some small improvements.
All game modes as well as the shop will soon be closed, so don't hesitate to use your remaining credits.
If one day the game modes should become active again, you can find your account as you left it, the database will be carefully saved.


Here is an overview of the site's statistics (since version 2, i.e. 9/10/2021).

- The first game mode: Battle FFA
There were a total of 636 tournaments, and of all types such as: Random Battles, Skirmishes, Ranked, Clan Wars.
Players have played 94062 battles on these different tournaments.

- The second game mode of Battle-Conquest is TotalWar. The famous map containing all the countries of the world!
Players fought 49586 battles in 7399 tournaments of territories and 973 of cities.

- The third and final game mode is quests. A mode where you can bet credits on a win rate in 10 random battles.
There were 2563 battles out of a total of 247 quests.

The Battle-Conquest shop is obviously the most interesting attraction of the site. This is where most of the rewards were sold to the highest bidder!
A total of 740 auctions and raffles were conducted since the start i.e. 28/07/2018!

With a total of 1484 unique active players, Battle-Conquest is proud to have allowed its players to compete on different game modes.
All its players were able to take advantage of a shop worth 1082,05 €. Congratulations to all!
In addition to this amount, there were also events organised in partnership with WG, which resulted in tier 6 and tier 8 premium tanks as well as a large number of premium account days.
The player who won the most on Battle-Conquest was Le_Koala_Sauvage who walked away with 9000 golds and 11 christmas boxes! Congratulations to him.


Thank you all for participating in the evolution of the site. You are the essence of Battle-Conquest!
And maybe this is just a goodbye!
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Re: Battle-Conquest is closing its doors!

Post by SpaceFrog »

Bonjour Okuni,

Voilà une triste nouvelle....
Maintenant je comprend bien tes raisons.
Je tenais à te remercier de t'être investi dans ce projet en espérant que peut-être un jour il fera son retour.
Merci à toi et à bientôt sur le champ de bataille...

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