Welcome! To read for new players

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Welcome! To read for new players

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If you're here, you're probably new to Battle-Conquest.

Here are a few recommendations to help you get the most out of the site.

Like World of Tanks, the forum is separate from the site. It is recognizable by its address: /forum/.
To go to Battle-Conquest, you just have to either :
  • Delete everything after .eu and keep only https://www.battle-conquest.eu.
    Click on Battle-Conquest at the top left of the forum (left of Forum Index).
Once on the Battle-Conquest site, the first thing to do if you haven't already done so, is to log in. A user who is not logged in will not have access to the site.

Link your World of Tanks account
To allow Battle-Conquest to retrieve your battle stats, you will need to link your World of Tanks account to your Battle-Conquest account.
To do this, simply click on one of the game modes (Battle FFA or Total War). If your account is not linked, you will be offered to link your account.
You have to confirm your connection with Wargaming. You will then be redirected to the World of Tanks website and then back to Battle-Conquest.
It's the same way as statistics sites like Wot-Life.

At this point, your account is linked and you can start playing all the game modes offered by Battle-Conquest.

Game modes
There are currently 2 game modes (Battle FFA and TotalWar). They are both accessible in the horizontal menu at the top of the site.
The BFFA (or Battle FFA) allows you to participate in tournaments according to your personal rating. Once you have selected your tournament, all you have to do is play in a random battle. The score calculation is done via the table on the right of each tournament.

TotalWar is a game mode based on a map of Europe. Resembling the Clan Wars principle of World of Tanks, you must attack and take possession of a territory to win coins. More information on the rules page.

Caution, only 15v15 battles are taken into account (classic, impromptu and assault). Large battles (30v30) are only taken into account for Battle FFA (for now) and all other game modes like Front Line are not supported.

Useful link
Here is a list of links that will be useful to you:
  • The forum: To ask all your questions or suggestions.
  • The discord : Meet the other Battle-Conquest players.
  • The rules : A lot of useful information about the use and functioning of the different game modes.
  • Legal information : some information about Battle-Conquest.
Good game, Commander!
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