Battle-Conquest : 3 years old!

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Battle-Conquest : 3 years old!

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He's a good little guy!
3 years of development, and counting.

I have been developing Battle-Conquest for 3 years now. I sweated for months to launch the beta on July 1, 2018. I was proud of what I had created.

And now 3 years later and many improvements later, I'm happy to see that it's you who make Battle-Conquest live. You, the players, who discover the updates, bring your suggestions for improvements and simply enjoy this site that allows you to better support the random battles of World of Tanks.

Thanks a million!

To encourage you to continue the adventure, several bonus codes will be available on the discord, the forum and also codes only available to players who have signed up for the newsletter.

Use the code below to claim credits and bonus days.

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